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Many of us desire to release our self limited subconscious beliefs and behaviors that seem to manifest through our daily experiences as various stresses, anxieties, addictions, chronic pain, dis-eases, depression, and even toxic relation-ships that keep us from really stepping into the life we truly desire.

Are you willing to let go the past so you make room for living in your highest, truest, and most fulfilling frequencies of being you?

We can help you heal from the past subconscious beliefs & behaviors that seem to keep you running on autopilot.

Through our Mentorship Programs, Classes, Meditations and Holistic  Healing Services can help you heal your Mental, Emotional & Physical Dis-ease, awakening your response-abilities of your true Self while helping you strengthen your connection with your Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Creator. Guiding you with encouragement, support & empowerment to break-free from the habits, addictions and relationships that hold us energetically in the past and preventing us from actually living within our Holistic Wellness.

GAUGE Your Life

Is Faith Based Organization that helps Individuals and Couples to Recover, Heal and Unify the relationships between Ourselves, Each Other & Collective Planet. We believe that everything is sourced from one consciousness that is labeled many different ways throughout our Human history whether we call it non-duality, GOD, Universe, Oneness, it is how we perceive this energy through our Senses of our Hearts, Minds and Bodies is how we experience our reality within our lives.

Our Recovery & Healing Services, Workshops and Classes are designed to aid you in the manifestation of your Holistic Healthy, Happy and Unconditionally Loving Lifestyle while remaining compassionately responsible for the effects on our future Selves, Loved Ones, Society, Humanity, & Planet.

Stop waiting to be truly free Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit take the next step that’s right for you below.

Our Community Membership

All services include a FREE basic Membership to the GAUGE Your Life CommUNITY.

Which includes:

  • Personalized profile
  • Access to our CommUNITY Forums and Chats
  • Connect, like and share with like Minded & Hearted humans on the path for our highest
  • Access and Learn from our video library containing teachings from Modern and Ancient Holistic Healing Techniques, Guided Meditation Practices, Spirituality and ways to reduce our harm to our planet.

Professional Facilitators also can gain access to additional abilities to assist in your professional practice.

  • List, Promote and Book Enhancement Sessions with clients directly from your profile.
  • Create, Host and Share Workshops and additional Learning Opportunities
  • Connect & Collaborate with other professionals

What People Have Said

“Very Grateful”

I recently started participating in the introduction to GAUGE and I am very happy to have found a method that helps me explore my current views and future goals. Chris Albaugh, instructor and developer of this method, has a wealth of experience teaching and offering seminars tailored to facilitate personal, career and spiritual development. Chris listens to the group and tailors each class to provide information that helps you create new opportunities and a more balanced lifestyle.


Olga M.
Rating: 5

“Craziest, coolest thing I’ve experienced”

I made an appointment for a reiki session because it is something I have heard about but never experienced. I felt very comfortable with Chris – this session was truly a wonderful experience.
He was intuitively able to find a spot on my back that was bothersome. He placed a crystal and a tuning fork there and I felt my hips shift. It was the craziest, coolest thing I have experienced. That night I slept so well for the first time in a long time.


Dana S
Rating: 5

“The best energy recovery experiences in Cincinnati.”

Working with Chris Albaugh in Cincinnati has been a beautiful experience. He has great wisdom to share and, whether I’ve attended an event or a 1:1 service, I have consistently had an excellent energy enhancing experience. I’ve really had the best energy enhancement experiences with Chris.”

Michael B,  PhD.

Michael Barnes PhD
Rating: 5
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