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The GAUGE Your Life Processes and Community helps inspire you to co-create Healthy, Happy & Harmonious Habits manifesting your deepest desires.

Do you seek to release the self-limited subconscious beliefs and unconscious behaviors that are limiting our Personal and Collective Realities?

Free yourselves from:

  • Daily Stresses Mentally, Emotionally & Physically
  • Grief
  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Low Self Worth
  • Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Chronic pain
  • Dis-ease
  • Depression
  • Illness
  • Challenging/Toxic Relation-ships

Truth is when our vibrational Well-Being are out of alignment it is nearly impossible to step into the life we truly desire no matter how we try.

Ask yourself,

What are you willing to let go of that has passed so you can be in a creative space manifesting your life within your highest, truest, and most fulfilling frequencies of being your Mind, Body, and Spirit while remaining in harmonious relations to all that’s beyond yourself?

Through our Mentorship/Coaching Programs, Classes, Meditations, and Holistic Enhancement Services we can help you heal, recover & enhance your Mental, Emotional & Physical Energy, Awaken your intuitive response-abilities of your true Self while helping you strengthen your connections with Ancestors, Spirit Guides & Creative Self. We guide you from a place of loving encouragement, compassionate support & honest empowerment so you can finally break free from the habits, addictions, and relationships that hold you back energetically preventing the opportunities to presently live within your Highest Holistic Well-BEing.

Join Our Community Membership for FREE.

All services include a FREE basic Membership to the GAUGE Your Life CommUNITY.

Which includes:

  • Personalized profile
  • Access to our CommUNITY Forums and Chats
  • Connect, like and share with like Minded & Hearted humans on the path for our highest
  • Access and Learn from our video library containing teachings from Modern and Ancient Holistic Healing Techniques, Guided Meditation Practices, Spirituality and ways to reduce our harm to our planet.

Professional Facilitators can also gain access to additional access to assist within your professional practice.

  • List, Promote and Book Enhancement Sessions with clients directly from your profile.
  • Create, Host and Share Workshops and additional Learning Opportunities
  • Connect & Collaborate with other professionals
chris albaugh

Hi, my name is Chris Albaugh and I am the founder of GAUGE Your Life and Creator of The GAUGE Your Life Method. I first would like to welcome you to the site. It has been a lifetime’s passion to serve Humanity and our Planet. How did I get to this point in my life? I have always had a connection with the Mystical Realms and with Nature itself. As a child, I experienced Abuse, Trauma, and a few near-death experiences. This challenged me through my teenage years and my parents tried modern techniques such as therapy & medications, but feeling numb and nothing was way worse than sometimes feeling down, depressed and even being self-destructive, I was a cutter. At 18 I committed suicide and I was brought back to life by my girlfriend and future wife with a renewed sense of Awareness, a new sense of what my purpose was to actually being me, and what I was meant to do here on this planet. I just wasn’t sure how or what this even meant. T

this started my Journey of Self Healing & Holistic Life Enhancement. My new addiction was of success and studying the Universal ways to enhance my Energetic Being: Mentally, Emotionally, Physically, Sexually, Financially, and how that effects mine and our Collective Social Relationships. We are all One Humanity, Living on One Planet, Birthed from Consciousness onto this Earth Mother.

We each have something to offer each other to care for one another, we each have the responsibilities to co-create dreams and realities.  We each must do our own part “the work” inside and out.

I’ve walked many different paths over the years I’ve held over 100 different jobs and even went into the Army looking for some sort of direction and approval from my family and to take care of my wife, but there was something always missing, It never seemed like enough the more I consumed the more I developed addictions to cope between the happy times with the lows and emptiness that I would feel from time to time trying to live beyond the present moment and circumstance. I was noticing repetitive patterns in my life and within my relationships personally, professionally, and spiritually. I knew I needed to shift my thinking, feeling, and behavior if I was going to shift those patterns.

From this point, I had been “studying” “working on” & “healing” myself for decades using Therapies, Medications, Modern Sciences, Personal Development & Leadership. I started a Talent & Promotional Agency in 2002 that represented models, actors, comics, and musicians when in 2012 a challenging business partnership lead to its closure and also a bar/restaurant we owned. This was a rock bottom I didn’t think I was going to survive. On the brink of suicide again a vision of my son came to me as an older version of himself, he was only 2 at the time and wasn’t talking. He said, but dad if you go who will be here for me, who will teach me to be who I am supposed to be, and who will be able to share your stories, then I heard a voice now I am aware it’s a spirit guide, you’re not lacking anything this was supposed to happen, you need a spiritual practice to find balance. I was left not knowing who to talk to or go to because of Traditional Religious Organizations and I didn’t agree with and for much of my life blamed them and the Authoritarian System for much of my abuse and trauma. I started pursuing my spiritual healing journey starting with The Master Key System by Charles Haanel. I learned as started a daily meditation practice and this led to working as a Holistic Life Coach. I learned through my practice and those that I walked with that when we can shift our Mental and Emotional perspective we can shift our Behavioral realities. I had let go of my addictions to drugs, alcohol & tobacco at this point in my life. In 2015, I was taught about Energy Healing, and how it helped me was nothing short of amazing, it felt this is what I was missing from my life. So I started training as a Reiki Master, also studying Tantra, Crystal & Sound Healing.

G.A.U.G.E. was born in 2017. GAUGE is an acronym for GRATITUDE, AWARENESS, UNITY, GROWTH & ENERGY which came to me in a dream. What I desired was to create for myself and my clients a framework of universal principles & practices that created daily practices that were customizable and effective. While still allowing for our journey to naturally unfold both intentionally and through connection with our higher self. It is hard not to have expectations of outcomes, we’ve been conditioned through our lives to always make progress in life and it’s true we Grow through life by what we are aware what’s the purpose and most important steps to get there. Many of us that have experienced a dark, traumatic, and abusive past have an additional challenge in clearing the subconscious to make room for the intentional wants usually out of fear or a sense of unworthiness,  but when we can COMPASSionately shift the lower programs through Mindfulness & Cognitive Enhancement Techniques “Masculine Yang Energy”  and then apply Natural Energy Healing Techniques “Feminine Yin Energy” we will get the outcome through the Unity of Duality continuing to grow through life’s experiences between the duality of contrast.

The GAUGE Your Life Method has helped manifest and create balance Energetically allowing us to continuously create Happy, Healthy & Harmonious Relationships.

So Above, So Below

What People Have Said

Chris is a caring, naturally gifted and intuitive healer. The Energy Healing Sessions I have had are amazing. Each time is different as he intuitively works his craft. It is obvious that he is meant to do this work; and he loves it. I highly recommend Healing Sessions with Chris.

Heidi Karaffa

“Very Grateful”

I recently started participating in the introduction to GAUGE and I am very happy to have found a method that helps me explore my current views and future goals. Chris Albaugh, instructor and developer of this method, has a wealth of experience teaching and offering seminars tailored to facilitate personal, career and spiritual development. Chris listens to the group and tailors each class to provide information that helps you create new opportunities and a more balanced lifestyle.


Olga M.
Rating: 5

“Craziest, coolest thing I’ve experienced”

I made an appointment for a reiki session because it is something I have heard about but never experienced. I felt very comfortable with Chris – this session was truly a wonderful experience.
He was intuitively able to find a spot on my back that was bothersome. He placed a crystal and a tuning fork there and I felt my hips shift. It was the craziest, coolest thing I have experienced. That night I slept so well for the first time in a long time.


Dana S
Rating: 5

Our Enhancement Programs

Enhance Your Holistic Well-BEing

Release and Surrender The past so you may be fully Presented within the Now.

RecoverEnhance Your Holistic Well-BEing, Overcome Your Past Limitations while Living Your Authentic and Passionate Purpose.

This customizable 90 day program is dedicated to providing YOU with the resources, support and structure to harmonize the frequencies within your Holistic Be-ing of Mind, Body and Emotions.

Release yourself from the grips of past Traumas, Self Destructive Behaviors, Abuse, Addictions, & Fears.

So you can live within the relationships of life that you Authentically Desire, Fulfilling your Dreams and Highest Purposes here on Earth.

Each weekly session is custom-designed for your specific goals and needs obtaining results efficiently and effectively.

The GAUGE Method is a framework built from Universal Principles & Practices consisting of

Gratitude, Awareness, Unity, Growth & Energy.Healing.

Collected through the lineages of human history from The Ancient Ways to more Modern Techniques that focuses our conscious awareness creating holistic health and well-being for you and for all life on this planet. Our framework includes methods from Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Quantum Sciences, Sound Healing, Breathwork, Food Healing, Meditation, Bodywork, & Energy Healing,

The Gauge Method has helped individuals just like you and including me, heal, overcome and grow beyond the challenging life circumstances and subconscious behaviors that keep us repeating the same cycles over and over again.

Our clients have achieved and is not limited to

  • Substance Addictions
  • Divorce
  • Abusive & Toxic Relationships
  • Loss of Identity and Purpose
  • Grief, Shame & Guilt
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Suicidal Thoughts, Self Destructive Behaviors & Habits
  • Physical, Emotional and Mental Pain

Get started today by scheduling your Introductory Discovery Session to Discover how we can enhance your Holistic Well-BEing.

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