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Welcome to GAUGE Your Life

Are you ready to Recover your Truest Self and Holistic Well-BEing?

Are you ready to invest your energy into Enhancing your circumstances while working in Unity to Enhance our World for our collective future?

Do you desire to be free from daily stresses, anxieties, addictions, chronic pain, dis-eases, depression, and toxic relation-ships that are keeping up society’s “race” for more, while destroying the very Natural resources that we need to Actually Survive and Collectively thrive?

Are you willing to let go of the past so you’re living in all-ways the highest, truest, and most fulfilling frequencies of being you?

If the answer is YES then We want to walk with you.

What is GAUGE Your Life?

GAUGE Your Life was created by Chris Albaugh and started off as a Life Enhancement Program designed to help us recover holistically, Mind, Body, and Spirit, by using universal methods, teachings, and practices. We believe that each of has something special to give and recieve from each other, with that said, GAUGE Your Life is evolving into a Private Healing Community that unites Healers and those seeking Healing allow us all to walk in Harmonious Unity with each other to overcoming the expectations and limitations within ourselves and within our Humanity and Earth Mother.

Our Passionate Purpose is harmonizing the “stresses” of mind, body, and energetic e-motions of our individual, humanity, and planet Utilizing Universal Principles, Teachings and Practices cultivating the natural joy, happiness, health, and peace that our Authentic Beings deeply desire. Our goal is to create the safe space to be, rediscover, and grow into who, how, and why we’ve always wanted to be as our “true” self, but have yet felt scared from actually stepping into that being while pursuing the journey of life.

Stop waiting to be truly free Mind, Body and Spirit take the next step that’s right for you below.



GAUGE Your Life provides a multitude of services customized to enhance your Mind, Body, & Spiritual Self at our healing location in Verona, KY and some services are available virtually. We hope to bring our vision to further fruition through the establishment of a permaculture farm which will provide fresh herbs and produce from our homestead. This dream and mission requires CommUNITY, a village of like-hearted Be-ings willing to work together for the Highest Good of not only all it’s members, but the Highest Good for all of Humanity and Mother Earth.

Our services include mentorship, energy work, body work, workshops, trainings and events. Continue scrolling or check out our Services tab for more in-depth information about all these services include and how they are expanding. In order to view all our CommUNITY has to offer, please become a member, as we are a private community.

Our Facilitators

Our Professional Facilitators are uniquely trained through personal & conventional methods which unite both Ancient Lineages with Modern Sciences. If you are interested in becoming a facilitator through our commUNITY, please reach out to tell us about your services and passions. To learn more about our facilitators and their services click on their profile pages.

We honor all passions and are not limiting this commUNITY to only healers, but desire a well rounded group of Beings who value walking with Nature and Conscious Freedom. If this call to action inspires you, then you inspire us and we would love to talk about walking together.

What People Have Said

“Very Grateful”

I recently started participating in the introduction to GAUGE and I am very happy to have found a method that helps me explore my current views and future goals. Chris Albaugh, instructor and developer of this method, has a wealth of experience teaching and offering seminars tailored to facilitate personal, career and spiritual development. Chris listens to the group and tailors each class to provide information that helps you create new opportunities and a more balanced lifestyle.


Olga M.
Rating: 5

“Craziest, coolest thing I’ve experienced”

I made an appointment for a reiki session because it is something I have heard about but never experienced. I felt very comfortable with Chris – this session was truly a wonderful experience.
He was intuitively able to find a spot on my back that was bothersome. He placed a crystal and a tuning fork there and I felt my hips shift. It was the craziest, coolest thing I have experienced. That night I slept so well for the first time in a long time.


Dana S
Rating: 5

“The best energy recovery experiences in Cincinnati.”

Working with Chris Albaugh in Cincinnati has been a beautiful experience. He has great wisdom to share and, whether I’ve attended an event or a 1:1 service, I have consistently had an excellent energy enhancing experience. I’ve really had the best energy enhancement experiences with Chris.”

Michael B,  PhD.

Michael Barnes PhD
Rating: 5
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