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Enhance Your Holistic Ways of Be-ing Humanly Alive.

We’ve all experienced life up to this point either by intention or by default either way we all this current time/space we call our Now Reality.

Each of our Enhancement sessions are designed, customized and personalized for your highest well-being Mind, Body and Emotional BE-ing helping you bridge the gaps between procrastination and actualization.

Where you are living the authentic life you desire to be, and just keeping the dream alive for another time.

All services are based on a suggested contribution and can paid after services are rendered by Cash, Credit Card or Venmo.

Discovery Conversation

30-60 minute conversation of getting to know one another and how we feel called to align.

In-Person, Virtual & Phone Sessions Available

GAUGE Session

A GAUGE Session is a 90 minute session designed to bridge the gaps between where you are and where you desire to be actually be living.

These sessions have guided people to energetically heal from their past traumas, toxic relationships, & addictions empowering them to live within their fullest potential Mind, Body and Energetic BE-ing.

Facilitators practice universal principles and techniques including but not limited to Cognitive Therapies, Breathwork, Meditation, Sound Therapies, Bodywork and Energy Healing customized to your needs so you will maximize your holistic results.

Give yourself the freedom to Live HAPPY, HEALTHY and HARMONIOUSLY inside and out for the benefit of ourselves, people and planet.

Book your session today.

Reiki Energy Healing

A 60-90 minute energy healing session using universal modalities of Sound, Reiki, Quantum Science, and Tantric practices aiding in the removal of energetic blocks bringing your Mind, Body and Energetic Be-ing into harmonious alignment. In-Person and Virtual.

In-Person & Virtual Sessions Available

Energetic Massage

A 60-90 minute session designed to remove the material and energetic blocks of trapped emotions in the Body, Mind, and Energetic Be-ing. A deepening of the practices utilized during an Energy Healing Session, using physical touch techniques.

In-Person Sessions Available

Our Community Membership

All services include an Introductory Membership to GAUGE Your Life.


We are a private membership association and respect and honor the sacred bond of trust that’s created between us and our community members. We do not share confidential information with each other nor do we share information about our members.

Community Member
FREEYearly Membership
  • Access to GAUGE Your Life Virtual Holistic Community
  • Personal Profile
  • Exclusive GAUGE Your Life Content & Collective Video Library
  • Ability to utilize GAUGE Your Life services & products
  • Special Invites to Events, Ceremonies and Workshops
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