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I am GRATEFUL for…

I am GRATEFUL for… the people, experiences and time I’ve had so far in this lifetime. 

I am GRATEFUL for… the people who have hurt, teased and challenged me. These are opportunities for Growth.

I am GRATEFUL for the people whom I have hurt, teased and challenged. Whether you have continued or ended our walk together, our connection has taught me how my choices effect others beyond mySelf.

I am GRATEFUL for the AWARENESS of what I can and cannot control. My own beliefs and ways of being effect myself as well as others in profound ways, depending on a kaleidoscope of circumstance and perspective. 

I am GRATEFUL for surrendering, letting go and detaching from external conditions a little more every day.

I am GRATEFUL to live in the present moment here and NOW without the worry, stress or justifications of my past.

I am GRATEFUL for my friends, family, nature, clean food, water and fabric for my body. 

I am GRATEFUL for my vision and space of business and the ability to continue to serve others, more and more. 

I am GRATEFUL for partnerships that are forging as we individually and collectively continue to ENHANCE ourselves and our world.

I am GRATEFUL to learn from and explore a variety of beliefs, practices and human experiences.  This is how I learn to practice unconditional love.

I am GRATEFUL that I have not always practiced gratitude, forgiveness or radical acceptance of the things that I do not want, like or expect, for this is what allows me to awaken to a higher truth and presents ongoing opportunities to practice being authentically who I am. 

What are you GRATEFUL for today? What have you learned and how have you grown over the past year? The past 5 years? The past 10? 

How do you desire to enhance your life and our world today?

“A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.” ~Muhammad Ali

For over 25 years Chris Albaugh has been an entrepreneur, student, teacher & practitioner of Nature, Ancient Religions/Spiritualities, Modern Sciences bringing the past and present, conscious and conscience into Unity. Chris' why this all started as a desire to heal himself from his own past traumas, mental/emotional/physical/sexual abuse, addictions, destructive habits and abandonment issues. Naturally as he progressed with his awareness and skillset development people asked for assistance. In 2014 Chris started professionally coaching and started development of The GAUGE Your Life Program. While he devotes himself to a deep personal practice his true desire to help other's awaken and walk their highest versions of being human. He understands that Energy is a process so using these Universal Principles and Practices allows himself and others to obtain their results they desire, no matter their past, our future is created by our BE-ing presented this opportunity of here & now. What are you and I going to do with it? Chris believes and has experienced that everything happens for us and for our highest growth whether we intentionally meant to do something or not.

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