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The Cages We Create

It is said that if you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as true.

While repeating lies does not make them truth, the subconscious does not know the difference; once our lies are accepted as truth, those lies continue to program our beliefs. And mostly, those beliefs stem from our deepest fears. In effect, we perpetually program ourselves with fear.

The life we intentionally create becomes the invisible cage that the ego fears to grow beyond, for then it must release the belief that it is in control.
When life happens and we find ourselves beyond the cages we have known, it may seem we have hit “rock bottom.” Yet, only in this space of unknowing can we truly be free. The strongest foundation that we can build is built upon a foundation of vast, radical acceptance of many truths, not just the limited perspective of what we’ve been taught in this lifetime.

What cages have you built? What would it be like to set yourself free?

For over 25 years Chris Albaugh has been an entrepreneur, student, teacher & practitioner of Nature, Ancient Religions/Spiritualities, Modern Sciences bringing the past and present, conscious and conscience into Unity. Chris' why this all started as a desire to heal himself from his own past traumas, mental/emotional/physical/sexual abuse, addictions, destructive habits and abandonment issues. Naturally as he progressed with his awareness and skillset development people asked for assistance. In 2014 Chris started professionally coaching and started development of The GAUGE Your Life Program. While he devotes himself to a deep personal practice his true desire to help other's awaken and walk their highest versions of being human. He understands that Energy is a process so using these Universal Principles and Practices allows himself and others to obtain their results they desire, no matter their past, our future is created by our BE-ing presented this opportunity of here & now. What are you and I going to do with it? Chris believes and has experienced that everything happens for us and for our highest growth whether we intentionally meant to do something or not.

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