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The GOD Spark of Unity

The GOD Spark of Unity

November 1, 2021

How does the label of GOD create Unity in consciousness and energy? I have never cared much for specific labels as a way to identify my Self, but I used to identify myself as an Atheist because the religious lineages forced upon me as a child created such trauma – both to me personally, as well as in collective history. The strongest connection I felt was anger – I was angry at a man-made God who omnipotently chooses to give some such a seemingly easy pathway through life, while allowing others to struggle in poverty, hunger, addiction and dis-ease. It was only once I attempted to surrender my own life by bleeding out through cuts in my wrists that I was able to see beyond the veil of this external material reality. Since then, I have visited a place of profound spiritual awareness many ties while in the process of studying, learning and practicing many other spiritual practices, including Tantra, Buddhism, Shamanism, Indigenous traditions, as well as western sciences. I have gained an awareness that Consciousness itself stems from and is guided by the psychological aspect of life. The mental psyche organically connect with Source from which we may access flow between our highest mental principles and external actions in the world. So, I honor that the ways I choose to express my thoughts and feelings externally through my behaviors is an ongoing and intentional practice of presence – my actions and behaviors are the mental manifestation of the formless into form – and the same is true for you and all conscious beings. Science has shown us that our subconscious is faster than conscious awareness, which aptly illustrates the battle between the heart and the mind. As we unify the energies of heart and mind, we access creative flow…

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