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Healing a Conditioned Male

When I was growing up, I know I did what I could to get the approval I sought.  Looking back, I remember often being told I was wrong somehow… “You can do better”…. “Boys aren’t like that”…. “Don’t do THAT, Chris”….  And, after awhile, I began seeking to escape from the disparity of what I felt on the inside and the lack of acceptance on the out. 

I became an actor playing a role. My character included aspects of how I believed I “should be” – ever attempting to maintain my Self, while also pleasing those I loved and those I provided service – personally, professionally, spiritually – even sexually.I became exceptionally good at acting out that conditioned script of how things should, could or would be if only I or something beyond me was different than how it was. 

But how could it be? How can anything BE other than in this present – in this moment – NOW? 

As a male on the planet, I tend to feel the external cultural expectations that have been consciously and unconsciously infused into my being. As humans, though, we carry both energies – both masculine and feminine – and with this awareness, we each must choose to consciously acknowledge our past as true from our own previous perspective, but not absolutely true now. The ways we relate to the stories of the past continue to maintain a similar frequency into the future. 

As I choose to accept each step as a necessary moment of time to be present now – as I fully accept the past just as it is –  I am able to release the hangups, bang-ups and scars gained along the way and am more often able to glimpse into and experience the love, harmony and gratitude within. THIS IS A MINDFUL PRACTICE OF BEING FULLY IN THE MOMENT. 

As I experience each moment for all it is (and all it is not), I release the social judgment, stigma and embarrassment of saying I love you – I am able to love you for being you – the good, the bad – and all the memories in-between. You matter as much as – but not more – than – anyone else. I see you doing the best you can with what you’ve known – I hold space for you to continue looking inward, outward, down and up. THIS IS A MINDFUL PRACTICE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVING.

I’m a guy and I’ve been socially conditioned just like you.  We have all been taught to behave as “good/bad citizens” – as a so-called “balanced” mental/emotional human being, seeking a greater system to control and protect us from those who want to do us harm. Yet, at the same time, every day we witness the majority systems causing the harm they purport to protect us from.

As individuals and as a collective humanity, we need to learn, practice and teach that WE ARE THE ONES causing our own suppression and control. 
It is possible and it is UP TO EACH ONE OF US to grow holistically beyond our past/passed moments. Each conscious path is different and unique –  and yet we all start and end this life’s journey the same. 

For over 25 years Chris Albaugh has been an entrepreneur, student, teacher & practitioner of Nature, Ancient Religions/Spiritualities, Modern Sciences bringing the past and present, conscious and conscience into Unity. Chris' why this all started as a desire to heal himself from his own past traumas, mental/emotional/physical/sexual abuse, addictions, destructive habits and abandonment issues. Naturally as he progressed with his awareness and skillset development people asked for assistance. In 2014 Chris started professionally coaching and started development of The GAUGE Your Life Program. While he devotes himself to a deep personal practice his true desire to help other's awaken and walk their highest versions of being human. He understands that Energy is a process so using these Universal Principles and Practices allows himself and others to obtain their results they desire, no matter their past, our future is created by our BE-ing presented this opportunity of here & now. What are you and I going to do with it? Chris believes and has experienced that everything happens for us and for our highest growth whether we intentionally meant to do something or not.

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