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Where is the Magic?

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We could use some real magic in the world right now, right?

And here’s the thing – we are all Magical. 

What does Magic mean to you? 

Does it mean to create something out of no-thing and witness it manifest into reality?  Haven’t each one of us done this in our own lives in some way at some time?  

We are all Magicians

We are all magicians, yet we dismiss, discount, disregard our own power. From early childhood on, we have been taught and conditioned to undermine our own magical abilities – but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  Awareness of passed experiences and information has a way of containing our belief in“magic,” perpetuating self-imposed boundaries and limitation.
Yet, magic happens within the unification of energetic polarities – as with all things in our universe, magic exists on a continuum from negative/destructive to neutral/peaceful to positive/constructive.  When we ask for what we want, sometimes, we get exactly what we ask for; sometimes what shows up is something else – turning out to be just what we need to humble the ego and help us see beyond what we’ve already seen – either way – magic. 

Let the Magic Begin

We must begin by intentionally focusing within, then expand to those closest to us; and as we become more and more willing to practice presence in any given moment, the more fully we are able to recognize and give thanks for our own powers of manifestation, moment by moment.  It begins as we take responsibility for actualizing our own thoughts and emotional energy. 
If you truly believed, what would you do?  How do you wish to actualize the power of your thoughts and emotional energy? 
There are many ways to initiate inspire and actualize your own powers, including – 
* Asking questions without forcing a quick, direct answer
* Expressing thoughts/opinions/awarenesses openly without fear of judgements
* Intentionally listening with the desire to understand a different perspective

What is YOUR Personal Form of Magic?

Honestly, once we realize, trust and honor it as possible, we each have so many potential magical powers, the challenge becomes, How to CHOOSE? As we know, each choice creates its own karma.

As we choose to think, speak and behave, we create our personal routines.

These routines truly are our own unique spells, with the power to cast both blessing and curse. Isn’t it amazing to see karma in motion? To trust that what goes out comes back ten fold? And vice versa? What we choose to put in to our own BE-ing, creates our Belief System. And – just as we intentionally work out to maintain and improve our physical bodies, we must also consistently challenge our mind sets by constantly questioning our own reality.

If you don’t already, are you open to understanding your own magic? Are you willing to tap into and trust your personal powers? 
If you already have a sense of and trust the magic within, are you ready to embrace, embody and enhance your magic powers even more?
Either way, the question is how often and how honestly do you truly tune in, get still and listen to the wisdom that resides within?
True understanding begins by listening with the heart – and then with the mind. 

If you are seeking your own magic, your own power and/or desire to deepen your own daily magical manifestation from wish to reality, we offer a 30 Day Introductory Life Enhancement Program to help bring your own power and gifts in ways that can authentically enhance your life. Enhancing YOUR World Enhances OUR World.

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magic is our being

For over 25 years Chris Albaugh has been an entrepreneur, student, teacher & practitioner of Nature, Ancient Religions/Spiritualities, Modern Sciences bringing the past and present, conscious and conscience into Unity. Chris' why this all started as a desire to heal himself from his own past traumas, mental/emotional/physical/sexual abuse, addictions, destructive habits and abandonment issues. Naturally as he progressed with his awareness and skillset development people asked for assistance. In 2014 Chris started professionally coaching and started development of The GAUGE Your Life Program. While he devotes himself to a deep personal practice his true desire to help other's awaken and walk their highest versions of being human. He understands that Energy is a process so using these Universal Principles and Practices allows himself and others to obtain their results they desire, no matter their past, our future is created by our BE-ing presented this opportunity of here & now. What are you and I going to do with it? Chris believes and has experienced that everything happens for us and for our highest growth whether we intentionally meant to do something or not.

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