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Where is the Magic?

January 18, 2021

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe We could use some real magic in the world right now, right? And here’s the thing – we are all Magical.  What does Magic mean to you?  Does it mean to create something out of no-thing and witness it manifest into reality?  Haven’t each one of us done this in our own lives in some way at some time?   We are all Magicians We are all magicians, yet we dismiss, discount, disregard our own power. From early childhood on, we have been taught and conditioned to undermine our own magical abilities – but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  Awareness of passed experiences and information has a way of containing our belief in“magic,” perpetuating self-imposed boundaries and limitation. Yet, magic happens within the unification of energetic polarities – as with all things in our universe, magic exists on a continuum from negative/destructive to neutral/peaceful to positive/constructive.  When we ask for what we want, sometimes, we get exactly what we ask for; sometimes what shows up is something else – turning out to be just what we need to humble the ego and help us see beyond what we’ve already seen – either way – magic.  Let the Magic Begin We must begin by intentionally focusing within, then expand to those closest to us; and as we become more and more willing to practice presence in any given moment, the more fully we are able to recognize and give thanks for our own powers of manifestation, moment by moment.  It begins as we take responsibility for actualizing our own thoughts and emotional energy.  If you truly believed, what would you do?  How do you wish to actualize the power of your…

Healing a Conditioned Male

November 1, 2020

When I was growing up, I know I did what I could to get the approval I sought.  Looking back, I remember often being told I was wrong somehow… “You can do better”…. “Boys aren’t like that”…. “Don’t do THAT, Chris”….  And, after awhile, I began seeking to escape from the disparity of what I felt on the inside and the lack of acceptance on the out.  I became an actor playing a role. My character included aspects of how I believed I “should be” – ever attempting to maintain my Self, while also pleasing those I loved and those I provided service – personally, professionally, spiritually – even sexually.I became exceptionally good at acting out that conditioned script of how things should, could or would be if only I or something beyond me was different than how it was.   But how could it be? How can anything BE other than in this present – in this moment – NOW?  As a male on the planet, I tend to feel the external cultural expectations that have been consciously and unconsciously infused into my being. As humans, though, we carry both energies – both masculine and feminine – and with this awareness, we each must choose to consciously acknowledge our past as true from our own previous perspective, but not absolutely true now. The ways we relate to the stories of the past continue to maintain a similar frequency into the future.  As I choose to accept each step as a necessary moment of time to be present now – as I fully accept the past just as it is –  I am able to release the hangups, bang-ups and scars gained along the way and am more often able to glimpse into and experience the love, harmony and gratitude within.…

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